Call for Speakers re Elsternwick Park North proposed development

Elsternwick Park North (currently a golf course), could become a wetland, urban forest and public park but we need your help to make this happen.

Please make the time to speak at the Bayside Council meeting on Wednesday, April 26th

Elster Creek is the last remaining open water course in this area. It provides amazing habitat for wildlife. Gio Fitzpatrick, convenor of Friends of Elster Creek (part of Earthcare) has been running bird surveys for some years now and has recorded astounding numbers of different species along the creek and particularly in Elsternwick Park.

The future of Elsternwick Park has been up in the air since the move for a golf driving range was rejected in 2015. In 2016 Bayside council ran extensive community consultations. This ended with a community panel voting overwhelmingly in favour of Elsternwick Park North becoming a public park that focused on:

  • Enhancing the local environmental assets
  • Extending the wetlands and building an urban forest
  • Improving flood mitigation and downstream water quality
  • Passive recreation

However, Bayside Council is set to make a decision at the council meeting on Wednesday April 26th. Members of the public are invited to speak. Each person is given three minutes.

We are encouraging our members to take this opportunity to support, what could be an amazing outcome for the environment. If you are interested please do the following:

  • Email – Jo from Friends of Elster Creek on to let her know that you are willing to speak. She is an Earthcare/Friends of Elster Creek member who has been helping with this campaign and is happy to assist.
  • Prepare what you are going to say-Jo is happy to help with points/content as needed. Also please feel free to view 1) the presentation we did to the panel 2) the Bayside Have your Say website, The press release we wrote after the panel’s decision.
  • Register your plans to speak online on Thursday 20th This is the day registrations open. You can do this via emailing Terry Callant on . He will also except visuals/ powerpoint as part of your presentation if he gets them prior to 11am on the 26th April. His phone numbers are: 9599 4327 | Mob 0419 340 294. Call him with any questions technical issues.

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