Perc White Reserve is a four hectare nature reserve located on the periphery of the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) and is located at the south-west end of Sandridge Beach. The reserve has been identified as having significant local and regional conservation status because of its remnant and regenerated vegetative ecosystems.

Perc White Reserve

Perc White Reserve

Perc White Reserve is the only site of remnant dune vegetation in deep silica sand that pre-dates white settlement in Port Phillip Bay. It is home to three grasses that are a unique vegetation type in the CoPP. The inter-tidal zone consists of silty sands that demonstrate significant original features and integrity.

Superb Fairy Wren

Superb Fairy Wren (Male)

Within the reserve there are seven regionally significant naturally occurring plant species as well four to six locally significant naturally occurring species. The reserve and Webb Dock Trail presently provides habitat for two notable bird species; the Superb Fairy-Wren (Malurus cyaneus) and New Holland Honeyeater (Phylidonyris novaehollandiae).

Perc White was three time Mayor of Port Melbourne in the early 1980’s.