Friends of Elster Creek Aims and Objectives

Key aims:

  1. Protect, improve and expand areas of habitat for indigenous flora and fauna along Elster Creek.
  2. Generate educational opportunities for Elwood Primary School and the general public regarding biodiversity and conservation.
  3. Reduce the amount of pollution flowing into Port Phillip Bay.
  4. Improve the aesthetic appeal of Elster Creek.


  • Habitat creation and improvement:
  1. Nest box installation
  2. Revegetation
  3. Pond creation
  4. Habitat log placement
  5. Mulching
  6. Creek bed habitat diversification
  7. Encouraging local residents to create habitat and plant indigenous plants in their gardens
  • Education:
  1. Waterwatch surveys
  2. Habitat creation workshops
  3. Bird surveys
  4. Wildlife discovery tours
  5. Plaques and information boards
  • Pollution reduction:
  1. Litter collection
  2. Improving water quality through plant choice
  3. Discourage local residents from using inorganic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Fauna Surveys:
  1. Bird surveys
  2. Bat surveys
  3. Freshwater Macro-invertebrate surveys
  • Reduce the impact of introduced species and overpopulated native species:
  1. Remove nests of introduced birds in Nest boxes
  2. Create understory in some areas to discourage Noisy Mynahs
  3. Encourage local residents to keep cats indoors at night
  4. Weeding