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 Alfreda the City Penguin

Meyer Eidelson, ISBN 9780646247021, 1995

Alfreda belongs to a fairy penguin colony established in the rocky breakwater at St. Kilda Beach, a Melbourne suburb on Port Phillip Bay. One day a break in the pipeline carrying oil from multinational tankers to a nearby refinery pollutes the bay, and Alfreda and her mates are soon coated in death-dealing oil. The combined efforts of many rescuers save the lives of some of the endangered birds, but will there be a next time? The story is based on an actual oil leak in Port Phillip in 1989, foreshadowing the much greater catastrophe of the Oil Baron off the Tasmanian coast in 1995. Picture book format, 32 pages, ages 6 – 12.

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Secrets of the Seaside Suburbs: A Guide to the Wildlife of Port Phillip

Secrets of the Seaside Suburbs

Meyer Eidelson, ISBN 0646233807, 1995

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Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt: a Gardening Guide for South-Eastern Melbourne

Rob Scott, ISBN 095810090X, 2002

Indigenous Plants of the Sandbelt is a gardening book which will increase your understanding of the local environment and enable you to transform your garden into part of a more sustainable landscape by using indigenous plants in new and exciting ways. This book explains the benefits of choosing indigenous plant species and, offers the gardener practical advice in planning, planting and maintenance. Over 180 indigenous plants currently available in nurseries are described and illustrated. Planting tables and flowering diagrams help you to choose plants that will thrive in particular areas of your garden and introduce colour throughout the year.

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The St Kilda Penguins

Alison Strachan, 2001

The Marvellous Rakali

Written by Linda M McKenzie, Illustrated by Zoe Hogg, 1998

Sea Grass in St Kilda Harbour

Zoe Hogg, Jok Smith, Jo-Anne Thyer, 2000

Take a Walk in the Canterbury Road Urban Forest

Illustrated by Zoe Hogg, 1998

Best Practice Guidelines for removal of Northern Pacific Seastar in Port Phillip Bay

Prepared by Port Phillip EcoCentre with Earthcare St Kilda, June 2013

Environmental Mindteasers

Written by Meyer Eidelson, Illustrated by Sharyn Madder, 1995


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Wild Things: The Fauna of the City of Port Phillip

Charlotte Roseby, 1997