Penguin Guides Wanted!

Penguin Guides

We are always looking for Penguin Guide volunteers.

Each year, thousands of local and overseas visitors flock to St Kilda pier at dusk to witness the return of our local penguin colony from their long day of fishing in Port Philip Bay, and our Penguin Guides are working to provide information to visitors and to help to minimise the impact of visitors on this wild penguin colony.

Penguin guide volunteers work in a team, one 2-3 hour shift a fortnight from dusk to provide information to visitors about our little penguins and to help minimise harm to the members of the colony.

We run shifts every night throughout the year.

If you want to become a penguin guide, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Commit to a minimum of three months of guiding
  • Become a member of Earthcare St Kilda

For more information on becoming a volunteer penguin guide, click here.

If interested then please contact the Penguin Guides Co-ordinator.


  1. Daniel Kirby says

    I love St Kilda & clearly, you guys do too! I’ve lived here in St kilda for over thirty years & would love to help by volunteering in any capacity needed! A Happy Christmas & New Year to you all! Feel free to call or text me anytime regarding volunteering! Dx🌈❤️

    • Terry Lobert says

      We will get our Penguin Guide admin to contact you.

  2. Apichart says

    I and my family from thailand needs to join this project. Please give me some advice and information. Thank you.

    • Terry Lobert says

      We will get our Penguin Guide admin to contact you.

  3. Ji-Hoon Hong says

    I am an international student at the University of Melbourne studying the bachelor of veterinary and agriculture. I was wondering if I could have the opportunity to volunteer here during the winter break or summer break? Please let me know whether the spots or open. Thank you

    • Terry Lobert says

      We will get our Penguin Guide admin to contact you.

  4. Dylan Lees says

    I am interested in becoming a penguin guide but the link to contact the penguin guides coordinator does not work.

    • Terry Lobert says

      Hi Dylan
      Sorry for the delay in responding.
      I have just checked the link and it works.
      I have forwarded your details to our Penguin Guide Admin.

  5. Jay patel says

    As i am having great interest in wildlife, and nature as well have studied a bit about birds and mammals as well having some knowledge will boost my knowledge about penguin and always wildlife frick tell me if there is still any place.
    +61 435 222 666

    • Terry Lobert says

      We will get our Penguin Guide admin to contact you.

  6. Margarita says

    It sounds like a great volentering cause. Im often visiting st kilda in order to see the little guys.
    If there is still opportunity to help I wpuld like to help out!

    • Terry Lobert says

      We will get our Penguin Guide admin to contact you.

  7. Robyn Wheeler says

    There is a poor little dead penguin at St Kilda beach South side of pier between per and baths complex
    Today is 19 June not sure what to do

    • Terry Lobert says

      Hi Robyn
      Just leave it be, as there nothing that can be done for it now.

  8. Anita Wabeke says

    I want to sign up to be a penguin guide daylight savings 2018-2019. My preferred day is a Friday .


  9. Stefanie Kissajikian says

    I am an international student in Melbourne, Australia and I really love nature and wildlife. I would like to be a volunteer for two months if it’s possible.
    I am very pleased to talk with people that are thinking about conservation efforts.

    • Terry Lobert says

      Hi Stefanie
      Thanks for your interest!
      Unfortunately, we need penguin guides to be able to volunteer for at least three months, as training is required which takes us time and effort.
      Very sorry about this.

  10. Joan Lee says

    I would like to volunteer and be a penguin guide.

    • Terry Lobert says

      Our admin will get in contact with you.

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