Little Penguin Viewing

The Little Penguin viewing area is located on the start of breakwater behind the Kiosk at the end of the pier.

The best time for viewing the penguins starts from approximately 30 minutes after sunset – sunset times can be found at

Penguin Guides are on duty every night to provide information about and protect the penguins.


  • No handling or feeding of the penguins
  • No flash photography of the penguins
  • No torches to be shone on the penguins without a red filter over the front
  • No dogs past the entry gate into the penguin viewing area, trained assistance dogs excepted
  • No climbing or sitting on the rocks
  • No littering, please take you litter with you
  • Keep at least 3m away from penguins moving around the viewing area
  • And most of all enjoy the beauty of these wonderful birds!


  1. Colin Banfield says

    The gentleman in the yellow jacket was very helpful. He told us when the penquins would arrive and where best to stand to get good photos. They arrived on time. Best to wear a jacket as it was very cold and windy on the pier in March.

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