Preliminary call out for potential volunteers for fauna surveys – Elsternwick Park North

This is a very exciting time for naturalists, bird lovers and all who love Elsternwick Park North.  The old golf course site is expected, over the next year or two, to become a wetland park with an environmental focus.  A key part of this environmental focus will be wildlife.

We plan to develop a fauna and habitat strategy, to make sure we design the future park to become a fantastic habitat for a great variety of native wildlife.

In parallel with this, we are hoping to train up a small group of dedicated volunteers to be able to conduct ongoing fauna surveys, so that we can at first collect baseline data, then track whether or not we are achieving what we set out to achieve with this beautiful park.

If you are interested in being part of this group, please contact Jo via email  It would also be really handy to have a little bio and an explanation of your interest in being part of this group, especially if you are not well known to the Elsternwick Park Association committee or Friends of Elster Creek.  We will then keep your contact details and will be in touch in the next few months when we are ready to start.

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