Rakali Watch


Rakali eating a fan worm

What has webbed feet, a flashing white tail, lethal teeth and leaves middens of shellfish on the rocks? Often mistaken for a rat, the Rakali is much more.

Video of a rakali taken by Earthcare St Kilda.

Earthcare has been recording rakali activity since 1989.

You can participate by reporting your rakali sightings via this webform.

In the City of Port Phillip rakali can be found in St Kilda Harbour, Elwood Canal, Albert Park Lake and Port Melbourne foreshore. They don’t stray too far from water, but have been observed on the top of the St Kilda Breakwater, St Kilda Pier and on Elwood Canal footpath.

Further Details

If you would like to know more about the Rakali then visit rakali.com and read the Earthcare St Kilda publication The Marvellous Rakali.

For further information on this activity, please email us.